Kickstarter Funded in less than 48h ! [UPDATE]

Our first Kickstarter project has been funded in less than 48h ! It has been a great collaboration so far with Paul Wheaton, ‘duke’ of permaculture. If you are interested in what is maybe the cleanest and most sustainable way to heat your home, you’ll be interested by the campaign :

The crown jewel here is the rocket mass heater, based on rocket stove technology.  This is a wood burning stove that will replace a conventional wood burning stove in a home and keep that same home just as warm using 1/10th the wood.  But that’s not all.  You would think that with 1/10th the wood there would be 1/10th the smoke, but it works out to be closer to 1/1000th the smoke.  As a result, the overall environmental damage ends up far less than natural gas, electric, oil or conventional wood heat.

Discover, share and get the DVDs while they last at


It as been a a great adventure. A steep learning curve, and overall a great process and lot’s of fun.

The DVDs are now available to buy and to rent. More info here :



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