looking back at 2013


It is the usual blog thing to look back at their activity every end of the year. But since i’m not posting super often, too busy  to fully dedicate myself to the virtual writing, it will be a good way to bring back everybody up to speed to where we are now.

Where to start …

As you may know we have been traveling for quite a few years now (check our travel blog at ontheroadagainandagain.com) and 2013 was the year we came back to Canada.
We’ve reconnected with clients and strengthen our collaborative work with Luc from Steadyboy.com. It has been a great experience for both of us to work with distance, re-enforcing the viability of our workflow.

But there is nothing like working together at all stages, concept, shoot, edit, post, delivery… and 2014 looks like a year full of exciting activities ! To celebrate our reunion, we will be traveling to the NAB show in Vegas.

2 Kickstarter projects are in the making right now and probably more to come along the year. Those projects not being our primary focus at Studiomelies, we’ve developed the Greenhouseprod platform and store.

Greenhouseprod Logo

We are also collaborating with Roland Lorente on a upcoming super project called Regalia. Find out more about the project here.

RegaliaThere is much more to cover, but i like keeping post short and sweet.

I just hope i’ve picked your curiosity and that you’ll be part of our adventures for 2014  !


All the best,



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