Passion of innovative motion picture and live performances supported by bold concepts, perfection of details and carefully crafted sound.

Who we are

Studio Méliès is an ambitious film production and post-production boutique based in Québec, Canada. It is run by Barthelemy Glumineau, a multi-talented filmaker/artist,  teamed up with 2 collaborators : Luc Tremblay a cameraman/steadycam operator and Danielle Dumont a 3D artist specialized in animation..

Bart in front of Bagdad Cafe

Photo @Danielle Dumont

What we do

Our business partners, such as production houses, government corporations, art companies or even individual artists,directors and producers benefit from the cooperation with Studio Méliès as live performance captation provider, direction of photography, motion design and post-production. To our direct retail clients we offer a full-service film production, post production and motion design services for TV, business, marketing, advertising and Internet. The portfolio of Studio Méliès contains a mix of commercial, personal and experimental films proving, that film is not only our professional occupation, but also a passion and a way of living. Studio Méliès’s unique style is based on catching the stunning in ephemeral moment