Struggle made it on the big screen !

In the serie ‘back to 2013′ i forgot to mention that our short ‘Struggle’, a  Choreographic piece by Catherine Lafleur and adapted for the screen by the Studiomelies team, had the chance to be projected on the big screen at cinema Beaubien and the Montreal Museum of fine arts, during the Quartier Danse festival. The …


looking back at 2013

It is the usual blog thing to look back at their activity every end of the year. But since i’m not posting super often, too busy  to fully dedicate myself to the virtual writing, it will be a good way to bring back everybody up to speed to where we are now. Where to start …


[UPDATE] Amazing reviews and more …

[UPDATE] : So the DVDs are now on  ! Yea – If you haven’t eared about our Kickstarter Campaign check it out here : We are starting to rececive some AMAZING reviews from our customers ! No need to comment, check it out ! And here some written reviews, click to read …


Logo by Nomisconception

Our good friend Simon at Nomisconception just refreshed our look with a new logo. Our goal was to mix simplicity, the world of George Melies, a strong visual easy to remember and some cheese flavor. Hope you’ll like it !

Funded project

Kickstarter Funded in less than 48h ! [UPDATE]

Our first Kickstarter project has been funded in less than 48h ! It has been a great collaboration so far with Paul Wheaton, ‘duke’ of permaculture. If you are interested in what is maybe the cleanest and most sustainable way to heat your home, you’ll be interested by the campaign : The crown jewel here …


A special moment

And from time to time, we do weddings for friends ! Here are 2 that were shot in Australia. The most run and gun setting ever ! Just a Canon 7D and 2 lenses. No rig, no follow focus, all manual ! Always a good thing to be creative and work around limitations.


Bartlapse !

I’ve been playing recently with Arduino boards and i’m now prototyping an intervalometer for our DSLR rigs. More to follow, as i devellop more the project. All scripting and schematics will be post later. Here is a first test : timelapse arduino test from barthelemy glumineau on Vimeo.



While shooting the ENC show for 5 days, i took some time to snap behind the scenes pics of one of the services we offer : Luc and his handmade steadycam rig. Also, little extracts of some actions we”ve been shooting during those days.  

by gbaku

TV Spot

We”ve been working hard to produce in a very short time (less than a week) all kind of promotional work for ENC school. Here is one of the TV spot that will air soon.