Post-Production and Motion Graphics

On set Studio Méliès provides a wide range of postproduction and motion design services. Enrich your production or get it done from scratch taking advantage of our skills and uncompromised eye for details.

Film Editing

SD, HD, 2K, 4K

Studio Méliès provides editing service in SD, HD, 2K & 4K. We work on Mac Pro based editing workstations equipped with Final Cut Pro 7 . For monitoring we make use of 27″ Apple Cinema Displays. We have our 2 stationary studios with Mac Pro and Imac 27″ workstations, and also some mobile units with Macbook Pro and an Alienware laptops.

Motion Design and VFX

2D, 3D, VFX

At Studio Méliès we create also 2D/3D animation, motion graphics and special effects for film and TV titles, commercials, music videos and Internet or multimedia presentations. The service includes:

  1. Film title design
  2. 2D/3D motion graphics / modelisation / animation for films and commercials for business and advertising
  3. Video jingles for websites, multimedia presentations, fairs, etc…
  4. Product presentations making use of 3D visualization
  5. Presentations of software and Internet applications (image, instructional and promotional)
  6. Special effects for film (matte-painting, rotoscoping, chroma-keying, camera tracking & projection etc…)

APPLE Color Grading

SD, HD, 2K, 4K

Not everyone realizes the impact of the color correction and enhancement on the quality and value of the final production. Very often it is even difficult to compare the color corrected and enhanced result with the original footage. Color grading serves not only the purpose of correcting for the imperfection of the source footage, but also creatively interprets the footage emphasizing the director’s vision and shaping the final result. Color correction, when badly done may ruin the final result, but the impact of well done color grading and enhancement can’t be overestimated. At Studio Méliès we make use of Apple Color grading suite based on Mac Pro workstations. We are keeping the color grading cost as low as possible using  Apple Color application, which allows for getting satisfying results in much shorter time also thanks to perfect integration with Final Cut Pro.


DVD, BLU-RAY, Internet

The authoring service comprises of preparing of the audio-visual content for the DVD/BLU-RAY release, designing the navigation, menus, title screens etc…, designing the cover of the packaging and production of the media. The deliverables are either an image of the DVD/BLU-RAY release or physical media. As a part of the authoring service we offer also preparing the existing video content for Internet delivery in optimal quality.